GEOTEXAN’s staple fiber is made of 100% virgin polypropylene, designed for different applications: Geotextiles, carpets, products for the automotive sector, specific materials for the construction sector, among others.

GEOTEXAN produces more than 9 tonnes of virgin polypropylene staple fiber per year, both for its consumption as for its industrial clients of a variety of sectors. Ranging from 4dtex to 10dtex, we cover the existing demand for this type of fibers both in the domestic and international markets, exporting fibers to different EU and African countries.

Decitex or denier: The line produced by GEOTEXAN ranges from 4dtex to 10dtex
High toughness: The fibers manufactured by GEOTEXAN stand out for their high mechanical performance
UV resistant thanks to a special additive according to requirements
Hydrophilic or hydrophobic: Water-resistant
Ultra-light density and soft to the touch
Free of heavy metals or substances
Wide range of colors
Manufacture with 100% virgin polypropylene

Geotexan offers you Staple Fibers of between 4.0 and 10.0 dtex in natural color, optical white or any other color. GEOTEXAN’s staple fibers are adapted to the needs of each of our clients.

We manufacture from 100% virgin pellets, and our products are intended for a wide range of applications.
Automotive: Our fiber is used by many clients in the manufacture of different components for the automotive sector
Filtration: Used in the manufacture of products for industrial filtration
Different geotextiles/geosynthetics: Main field of application due to its high mechanical performance
Other markets: Many manufacturers use GEOTEXAN fiber in the production of specific and diverse products: Protection, separation, among others.
New market niches: At GEOTEXAN, in collaboration with our clients through our R&D Department, we develop specific types of fibers if so required by them.