The union between non-woven geotextile fibers is a mechanical bond created by needles that enter and exit at high speed. Punched material is made of 100% virgin polypropylene fiber. This is an ad-hoc product tailored for each client. This is a “made-to-measure” product adapted to each client’s needs (widths, lengths, finishing, among others). Generally, the management/development of these products is as follows:

> The product is developed by GEOTEXAN and sent to the client for testing.

> If the result is positive, the material is sent for an industrial test for approval.

> In case of approval, the regular supply of the material begins.


The applications of this material could be endless. Currently, we supply punched material for the manufacture of geocomposites for drainage, reinforcement, waterproofing, layer separation, protection, among others. Also, we supply artificial grass installers for their turfgrass sods bonding tasks.