Tree Root Protection

Trees are a valuable natural resource that are increasingly under threat from construction in the urban environment. As well as the obvious benefits to the environment of maintaining healthy trees, they also provide aesthetic and resource advantages to any development.

Problems arise when construction takes place in areas around tree root zones; compaction of soils and damage to soil structure from vehicular traffic can prevent valuable water and air from reaching the roots, starving the tree of vital resources and leaving it open to decay. Alternatively excavation within the root zone can physically damage the root structure, affecting the health and life expectancy of the tree.
No Dig Tree Root Protection Geocells for paths and access roads.

No dig construction techniques in and around trees advocate the use of geocellular blanket systems, such as Abweb TRP.

Typical applications

  • Access routes and haul roads
  • Landscaped areas subject to traffic loading


  • Protects tree roots during access road construction and use
  • No-dig soil confinement system

Abweb TRP Geocell for tree root protection offers a practical alternative to traditional methods of construction for paths, roads and parking areas in and around trees. It is used to protect the root structure of the tree from damage caused from the compaction of the local soils as a result of vehicular traffic. Traditional methods of construction tend be invasive and can affect tree health by damaging the root structure.
Tree Root Protection geocell system
The Abweb TRP system is a no dig solution preventing damage to the tree root structure during the installation process. Abweb TRP is quick and easy to install, reduces construction time and in many instances greatly reduces the depth of imported stone required, saving time and money and reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Abweb TRP comprises the Abweb geocelluar containment system that confines the fill material within the cell to improve shear strength and bearing capacity. This is laid over a needle punched non-woven geotextile which acts as a separation layer, preventing material loss whilst allowing the free flow of water and nutrients to the tree root system.

Tree Root Protection
The geocellular structure of Abweb TRP confines and strengthens fill whilst allowing free flow of air, water and nutrients to the tree root structure.

Where construction of paths, roads and parking areas encroach the footprint of existing trees, we can provide the no-dig geocellular Abweb TRP system to protect the root structures from damage caused by the compaction of local soils as a result of wheel loadings.

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