Sports Grounds

Sports grounds have their specific playing-area standards and techniques. We propose solutions for the ground’s foundations.

Separation of material layers and reinforcement

Geotesan nonwoven geotextiles are products that are most efficient in an anti-rutting separator role, thanks to their optimal stiffness and their grip in the soil to give enhanced bearing capacity. Thermally bonded needle-punched nonwoven options for separation and reinforcement

Typical applications

  • Solutions for artificial and grass playing field foundations
  • filtration, separation, reinforcement and drainage applications
  • perimeter trench drainage


  • Solutions to meet specific standards and techniques
  • economic and carbon saving options for spur trenches
  • anti-rutting and separator functions with optimal stiffness and grip in the soils

Drainage bases

The Drenflex geocomposite ranges can economically replace the aggregates of the traditional drainage solution.

Drainage trenches

The Vialdrain pre-fabricated synthetic drainage trench with geotextile sleeve can economically replace the geotextiles and aggregates of the traditional perimeter drainage solution.

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