A no-dig or a reduced-dig, geocellular tree root protection alternative to traditional methods of constructing paths, roads and parking areas in and around trees. It is designed to protect the root structure of the tree from damage caused by the compaction of local soils as a result of vehicular traffic.

No-dig geocellular tree root protection using ABG Abweb geocell system


  • Access roads and parking areas
  • Driveways and paths
  • Permanent woodland trails
  • Temporary access roads and working platforms


  • No / minimal excavation required
  • Prevents compaction around root structure
  • Allows air and water to reach tree roots
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Distributes surface traffic loads
  • Can be used in combination with porous paving systems
  • Durable and extensive design life

The Abweb TRP – Tree Root Protection geocell system is a no dig solution preventing damage to tree root structures during the installation process. Abweb TRP is quick and easy to install, reduces construction time and in many instances greatly reduces the depth of imported stone required, saving time and money and reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Abweb is available in 100, 150 and 200mm depths and each panel is 6m x 4m when expanded. The panels are supplied folded flat and then expanded out and fixed into position using steel pins.

Abweb TRP – Tree Root Protection is a geocell mattress which is expanded on site and then filled with a clean no-fines stone; the strength of the system comes from the containment of the stone within the structure, although unlike traditional construction this is achieved without compacting the stone and the subsequent loss of permeability. It is manufactured from strips of high density polyethylene HDPE cross welded to form cells, the strips can also be perforated if required to allow the lateral movement of air and water through the structure.

The porous surface also ensures water and air can carry essential nutrients to the tree roots. Beneath the Abweb TRP – Tree Root Protection geocell is a non-woven geotextile positioned to prevent any fines washing through and ultimately clogging the system, preventing the water and air from reaching the roots over the lifetime of the tree.

Many pavement finishes are suitable for use over Abweb TRP – Tree Root Protection geocell, including porous asphalt and porous paving. In temporary applications there is usually no requirement for a pavement finish, the fill of the Abweb TRP acting as the surface. Abweb TRP – Tree Root Protection can be used in both permanent and temporary pavement constructions. In temporary constructions the system can be removed without damaging the roots once operations on site are complete.

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