Mine Tailings Drainage

New methods to improve tailings management are sought by mine operators to ensure that scarce water supplies are better conserved at facilities in arid regions. The challenge is to develop design solutions that reduce the volume of water required for processing tailings and to create safer, more stable operations that can be efficiently remediated into dry and economically viable land.

As part of tailings basin designs, a geosynthetic capping system is required and high performance Drenflex waterproof geocomposite provides an all-in-one drainage and membrane layer. The solution delivers a cost-effective design that provides superior drainage capacity and serves as an impermeable barrier. The all-in-one geocomposite design greatly reduces the installation time and cost that would be associated with installing separate geotextile, geomembrane and drainage layers.

Typical applications

  • Dewatering of mine tailings
  • Multi-directional drainage layers
  • Leak detection layers
  • Haul road design
  • Slope stabilisation design


  • Combined drainage and membrane protection system
  • High flow capacity in both directions
  • Excellent filtration performance
  • Large rolls for fast installation
  • Experienced geotechnical design department

Geotexan’s geocomposite Drenflex Waterproof product range can also installed as part of remediation plans for contaminated ground so that the former tailings storage facilities are permanently capped to prevent rainwater infiltration and block pollutants from entering nearby water sources.

The all-in-one geocomposite system comprises an impermeable black HDPE membrane which is integrated into the drainage system, maintaining the flexibility and adaptability that geotextiles offer while adding an extra level of protection.

All-in-one geocomposite capping and drainage system

The unique all-in-one geocomposite drainage and geomembrane lining is typically installed to the upstream face of the tailings dam and performs an integral function within the dewatering design, with high drainage flow capacity in both directions.

Leak detection layers

Drainage composites are also specified as leak detection layers between multiple linings of tailings containment systems. The high compressive strength core allows flow of particle laden liquids without the risk of clogging, even under very high loads.


Haul road routes

Any temporary or permanent unpaved surface subject to heavy vehicle trafficking needs a correctly engineered, but economic design, especially where weak subgrade conditions are present. This ensures optimum use of resources and provides a reasonably smooth surface, with tyre loads distributed evenly to prevent rutting and meet the required design life.

Our design department has many years’ experience in designing unpaved roads over weak CBR subgrades. We are able to offer cost-benefit advice on which solution is best suited to your project, utilising one – or a combination of – geogrids, geocells and geotextiles that deliver a lower carbon footprint.

Geotexan can offer a geogrid-stabilised, reduced road foundation thickness for weak subgrade conditions, utilising the benefits of geosynthetics to improve the layer stiffness / drainage quality within the AASHTO pavement design approach. This increases the lifespan and / or reduces the thickness of the overall pavement. We can apply one, or a combination of geogrids, geocomposites and geotextiles to benefit our clients in the design of flexible road foundations. Please contact us to discuss your project specific design requirements.

Slope stabilisation

A slope reinforcement design service utilising our wide range of geogrids, geotextiles and drainage geocomposites to provide stability to suit the specific site ground conditions and to achieve the slope dimensions required for the project.

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