The TRIPLANAR DRENFLEX is an advanced drainage geocomposite specifically engineered to excel in horizontal drainage applications. Renowned for its exceptional resistance to crushing and impressive hydraulic capacity, this geocomposite is a reliable solution for effectively managing water drainage in various scenarios. 

Comprising two geotextiles and a triplanar geogrid, the TRIPLANAR DRENFLEX is characterised by its innovative design featuring three yarns that collectively form high-capacity ducts. These ducts facilitate the rapid and efficient evacuation of water, even under substantial loads. The geotextiles play a crucial role in filtering and preventing soil particles from entering the drainage system, ensuring its long-term effectiveness.


  • Designed for horizontal applications


  • High resistance to crushing
  • Great hydraulic capacity
  • High drainage capacity even when subjected to heavy loading

Ideal for deployment in areas subjected to heavy loads or where a robust drainage solution is required, the TRIPLANAR DRENFLEX stands out as a durable and reliable choice. Its triplane geogrid structure enhances its overall strength and load-bearing capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as highway construction, retaining walls, and sports field drainage. 

With a focus on both durability and hydraulic efficiency, the TRIPLANAR DRENFLEX sets a high standard for horizontal drainage geocomposites. Its innovative design, incorporating the triplane geogrid and high-quality geotextiles, positions it as a cutting-edge solution in the field of geosynthetics, providing engineers and contractors with a dependable tool for effective water management in diverse engineering and construction projects.

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