VIALDRAIN is an innovative geocomposite designed specifically for efficient drainage trench systems. This advanced solution is comprised of a geogrid and two geotextiles, strategically engineered to enhance the performance of drainage trenches. The unique feature of VIALDRAIN lies in the configuration of its geotextiles, which collectively form a pouch at the base of the geocomposite. This intelligently designed pouch serves as a secure and seamless enclosure for the drainage pipe, streamlining the installation process. 

By integrating VIALDRAIN into drainage trench projects, the need for traditional gravels is eliminated, presenting a more modern and sustainable approach. This not only simplifies the construction process but also contributes to cost-effectiveness and environmental conservation. The geogrid reinforces the structure, providing stability and durability to the entire system, while the geotextiles prevent soil intrusion and facilitate water flow.


  • geocomposite for drainage ditches
  • replaces gravel material in trench drains


  • excellent crush strength
  • great hydraulic flow capacity

With VIALDRAIN, the installation of drainage pipes becomes more efficient and straightforward, as the geotextile pouch ensures a snug fit and optimal alignment. This geocomposite not only enhances the overall effectiveness of drainage systems but also minimizes maintenance requirements over time. 

In summary, VIALDRAIN represents a cutting-edge solution for drainage trench applications, offering a reliable alternative to traditional methods by incorporating a geogrid and specialized geotextiles in a configuration that facilitates easy and secure installation of drainage pipes. Embracing VIALDRAIN not only streamlines the construction process but also contributes to sustainable and cost-effective drainage solutions. 

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