DOUBLE DRENFLEX is an advanced drainage geocomposite specifically engineered to provide exceptional performance in both vertical and horizontal drainage applications. With its remarkable resistance to crushing and impressive hydraulic capacity, this innovative solution is designed to safeguard walls by effectively managing water flow. 

At its core, DOUBLE DRENFLEX consists of a robust geogrid, which contributes to its high resistance to crushing forces. This structural integrity ensures that the geocomposite maintains its effectiveness over time, even in challenging conditions. Additionally, DOUBLE DRENFLEX incorporates two geotextile layers, further enhancing its durability and reinforcing its ability to handle hydraulic loads. 

In vertical drainage applications, DOUBLE DRENFLEX acts as a reliable shield, protecting walls by efficiently channeling and dispersing water. The combination of the geogrid and geotextiles forms a formidable barrier that prevents water-related issues, contributing to the long-term stability and integrity of the structure.


  • designed for vertical drainage, mechanically protecting the wall
  • and for horizontal drainage, creating a geotextile-geogrid sandwich that prevents the collapse of the geocomposite


  • High resistance to crushing
  • great hydraulic capacity

For horizontal drainage, DOUBLE DRENFLEX adopts a layered approach, employing a strategically positioned geotextile-geogrid-geotextile arrangement. This configuration serves to prevent the collapse of the geocomposite while allowing for effective horizontal water drainage. The geotextile layers act as filters, preventing soil particles from clogging the geogrid and maintaining the overall functionality of the drainage system. 

The synergy of materials in DOUBLE DRENFLEX ensures not only reliable water drainage but also extends the lifespan of the geocomposite itself. This innovative solution is suitable for various applications, providing versatile and robust performance in both vertical and horizontal drainage scenarios. DOUBLE DRENFLEX stands as a testament to cutting-edge geotechnical engineering, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for infrastructure projects where drainage and structural integrity are paramount.

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