DRENFLEX is an innovative drainage geocomposite that sets a new standard in geotechnical applications. With its exceptional resistance to crushing and impressive hydraulic capacity, DRENFLEX is specifically engineered for efficient filtration and vertical drainage systems. This cutting-edge solution comprises a geogrid for superior drainage performance and a geotextile functioning as an effective filter. 

The geogrid component of DRENFLEX not only ensures reliable drainage but also enhances the overall structural integrity, making it highly resilient to external pressures and loads. Its robust design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including civil engineering, construction and environmental projects. 


  • filtration and vertical drainage
  • slopes, platforms, trenches and drains


  • high resistance to crushing
  • high hydraulic capacity

The geotextile, serving as a meticulous filter, plays a crucial role in preventing soil particles from clogging the drainage system. This ensures the longevity and sustained effectiveness of the drainage geocomposite, even in challenging environmental conditions. 

One of the key advantages of DRENFLEX lies in its ability to provide efficient vertical drainage, making it an ideal solution for areas with high water tables or prone to excess moisture. The high hydraulic capacity of DRENFLEX enables rapid water movement, mitigating the risk of waterlogged soil and potential damage to structures. 

Whether employed in retaining walls, embankments, or other geotechnical applications, DRENFLEX stands out as a reliable and durable solution that meets the demands of modern construction and infrastructure projects. Its innovative design and high-performance characteristics make it an invaluable asset for engineers and professionals seeking effective solutions for drainage and filtration challenges. 

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