Geotesan CR, an innovative non-woven geotextile, is crafted from 100% virgin polypropylene fibres securely bonded through a needle-punch process. This geotextile serves a vital role in infrastructure projects by mitigating the emergence of fissures and cracks over time on roads and pathways. It accomplishes this by establishing a resilient intermembrane barrier between the existing pavement and the freshly applied layer of asphalt material. 

Designed to enhance the structural integrity of road surfaces, Geotesan CR goes beyond mere “anti-crack” properties. Its advanced engineering ensures the longevity and durability of roadways by acting as a protective shield against the detrimental effects of environmental factors and the stresses induced by vehicular traffic.


  • anti-crack layer for roads and pathways


  • increases longevity and durability of roadways

In addition to its crack-preventing capabilities, Geotesan CR contributes to the overall stability and performance of road constructions. This versatile geotextile not only hinders crack formation but also fortifies the structural cohesion between old and new pavement layers. As a result, it promotes a smoother, more resilient surface that withstands the challenges of daily usage and adverse weather conditions. 

Moreover, Geotesan CR excels in providing a sustainable solution for infrastructure projects. Its use of high-quality polypropylene fibers ensures resistance to degradation and wear, thereby extending the lifespan of road surfaces. This environmentally conscious approach aligns with contemporary construction practices that prioritise durability and reduced maintenance requirements. 

In conclusion, Geotesan CR emerges as a multifaceted non-woven geotextile that surpasses the conventional “anti-crack” solutions. Its comprehensive attributes make it an indispensable component in road construction projects, offering not only crack prevention but also contributing to the overall resilience, longevity, and sustainability of modern infrastructure. 

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