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DEFINITION GEOTEXAN S.A. is a company committed to total quality in a continuous pursuit of professional excellence, as reflected in its quality policy. 

To achieve this, GEOTEXAN S.A. has implemented a Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System to control all its activities in accordance with the standards of international norms EN-ISO 9001, EN-ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Additionally, it holds two CE certificates, one for the marketing of geotextiles and another for the fiber used as an additive for concretes and mortars, being a pioneer nationally in obtaining accreditation for the latter. 

Similarly, GEOTEXAN holds the ASQUAL certificate for the use of geotextiles in France and French-speaking countries in North Africa, in some types of the GEOTESAN NT range. 


GEOTEXAN S.A. is a company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of geotextiles, geocomposites, and synthetic fiber. We started our activity in mid-2004, and our products are used by major construction companies nationwide, being present in the most important civil works carried out in Spain in recent years. 

Our strong commitment to quality has not only been recognized nationally, but our products are also consumed in various EU countries and South America. 

For all these reasons and aware of the need to offer products and services that meet customer expectations every day as a way to ensure the future and development of the company, it has implemented a Management System according to the EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard, Environmental Management according to the EN-ISO 14001:2015 standard, and Occupational Health and Safety Management according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard. 

To achieve these purposes, the company’s management commits to: 

  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of its Management System. 
  • Be more efficient in its production system. 
  • Produce services that consistently meet customer requirements. 
  • Achieve customer satisfaction. 
  • Improve communication and morale within the organization. 
  • Reduce costs. 
  • Increase confidence in the production system. 
  • Comply with current environmental and occupational health and safety legislation applicable to the company and other requirements that the company may subscribe to related to its risks for occupational health and safety. 
  • Prevent, as far as possible, any type of pollution, damage, and harm to health, and continuously improve the performance of occupational health and safety. 
  • Develop work procedures to prevent, reduce, and eliminate, whenever possible, the environmental impact of its activities. 
  • Establish periodic objectives and goals. 

The achievement of such objectives cannot be attained without the firm and determined involvement of each and every member of the organization, who carry out each of their activities with the aim of fully satisfying customers, promoting a preventive culture, and respecting the environment.
The policy is available to interested parties, is periodically reviewed, and is communicated to the entire staff with the purpose of making them aware of their individual obligations regarding occupational health and safety. 


We work on the search for new markets, new applications, and the development of new products using various raw materials. We have a highly qualified R&D team dedicated to developing new products, which have been patented and commercialized. Additionally, we collaborate directly with various Research Groups from several Spanish universities, Technological Centers dedicated to material research related to the sector, as well as different public entities such as the Technological Corporation of Andalusia and the IDEA Agency that promote R&D in the region. 

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