The CRP, or Composite Reinforcement Panel, is a specialised geocomposite designed for optimal performance in asphalt applications. It is constructed with a fiberglass geogrid at its core, providing excellent tensile strength and reinforcement capabilities. This geogrid is further enhanced with a bituminous coating, which not only adds durability to the material but also ensures a strong bond with the asphalt layer. 

To enhance its functionality and compatibility with asphalt surfaces, the CRP features a non-woven geotextile layer. This geotextile component serves multiple purposes, acting as a filter to prevent the intrusion of fine particles into the asphalt layer, while also providing additional reinforcement and separation between the geogrid and the asphalt.


  • Reflective cracking reduction
  • Road reinforcement geogrid layer


  • Delays crack propagation of road resurfacing projects
  • Suitable for new road construction or maintenance schemes
  • Extends asphalt lifetime

The combination of these components makes the CRP an ideal solution for various asphalt applications, including road construction, pavement rehabilitation, and overlays. Its high tensile strength, durability, and compatibility with asphalt materials contribute to the overall longevity and performance of the pavement structure. Additionally, the CRP’s design facilitates ease of installation, providing a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing the structural integrity of asphalt surfaces in a cost-effective manner. 

In summary, the CRP geocomposite stands out as a reliable and versatile material, uniquely tailored for use in asphalt applications, offering a comprehensive solution for reinforcing and stabilizing asphalt pavements.

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